We campaign for global learning goals so we can all learn the knowledge, skills, and character needed to be 21st Century global citizens.

What is Towards Global Learning Goals?

Towards Global Learning Goals is a network that aims to create greater equality of opportunity, to develop the skills needed to thrive in a new economy, and to make it easier for people on the move to adapt. We are seized with the urgency of change.

Based on our research and analysis of the problem, we have proposed nine global learning goals, you can read more about them on our homepage or our report ‘Kindling the Flame’.

Why is this project needed?

At its core, this is a challenge of politics rather than education. States tend to guard control of their education systems, rather than help young people become global citizens. The international policy debate is hijacked by disagreements over badging and ownership of innovation.

So we need to create new coalitions for change. The pioneering educators and governments. Businesses that want to see people better equipped with the skills they need. Parents who want their children to thrive. And most importantly young people themselves, who can lead a learning revolution.

Why is this project different?

We are an unaffiliated and totally inclusive group. Some are educators, technologists, business people, diplomats and advocacy specialists. There is no agenda other than the need for rapid change.

We want to give a voice and a platform to those who can debate and answer the questions that divide opinions on global education. We started with these eight challenges:

  1. How can we ensure talismanic education pioneers are heard?
  2. How can pioneer governments generate peer pressure for change?
  3. How can business support a second learning renaissance?
  4. How can the global architecture create the right environment for reform?
  5. How can universities and unions become part of the solution, not part of the problem?
  6. How can we get parents’ support for passing on skills to thrive, not just passing exams?
  7. How can young people move from consumers to producers of their education?
  8. Show Me The Money.

We are working towards a shared understanding of these challenges. Our goal is to provide the next generation with the opportunity to work out the right answers.

Who is behind Towards Global Learning Goals?

Towards Global Learning Goals is a non-profit coalition of advocates – at different points our team has consisted of:

Project Director, Tom Fletcher CMG

Tom is a former UK Ambassador, and foreign policy adviser to three UK Prime Ministers. He is now a Visiting Professor at New York University Abu Dhabi, an Honorary Fellow of Oxford University, and adviser to the Global Business Coalition for Education and Emirates Diplomatic Academy. ‘Naked Diplomacy: Power and Statecraft in the Digital Age’ was published by HarperCollins in June 2016.

Project Coordinator, Rebecca Cox

Rebecca is Chief of Staff to Tom Fletcher. She is an experienced Executive Assistant with over 10 years’ experience working at ministerial level and managing small teams. She is the former Executive Assistant to the Deputy Prime Minister, The Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP (between May 2014-July 2015) in the lead up to the 2015 General Election. She has worked in a number of UK government departments,including the Attorney General’s Office, the Crown Prosecution Service, and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.

Report Editor, Jeremy Chivers MBE

Jeremy is a conflict analyst and development programme manager. He spent 19 years in the Middle East designing and delivering development programmes for the British Government. He has also worked in UN refugee relief operations. He is now a development consultant based in Beirut, Lebanon, and in 2018 published a photographic study of the Lebanese Armed Forces entitled ‘The Heart of the Nation’. As a lifelong learner, he has also recently completed postgraduate studies at OxfordUniversity, focussing on strategy and innovation.

Communications and Outreach, Angela Solomon

Angela is a social entrepreneur, communicator and former British diplomat, based in Beirut, Lebanon. She helps organisations tell authentic stories. She is also co-founder of an award winning tech driven social impact business that helps women work.

Advocacy Expert, Sho Konno

Sho is a communications consultant for activists. He has a background in public policy and PR, as head of comms for an international NGO, and as advisor for unfashionable causes from Chechnya to prison reform. He has run workshops for activists in over 15 countries, from LGBT rights campaigners in Bangladesh to migrant workers in Lebanon and young women entering politics in Malawi.

Project Officer, Sally Mansour

Sally is an advertising and communications graduate based in Beirut, Lebanon. Since leaving education, she has worked in various communications roles in a range of fields, from non-profit organizations to the commercial sector. Sally manages the TGLG project office and coordinated the complex logistics for our global analysis team.

Lead Policy Analyst, Lorraine Charles

Lorraine is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Arab and Islamic studies at the University of Exeter. She has conducted extensive research in politics, political economy, development and education in the Middle East. She has published in several journals including Middle East Journal and the Journal of International Women’s Studies. She is a contributing author in manuscripts published by Routledge and Gerlach Press, and is currently the co-editor of a book on Middle East research methods to be published by Edinburgh University Press.

Policy Analyst, Mario Zapata

Mario Zapata is a summa cum laude graduate in public policy and political science of NYU Abu Dhabi. He has conducted research and analysis in more than a dozen countries, for organisations including the Government of Abu Dhabi and the Mission of Costa Rica to the UN. He is passionate about solving the policy challenges presented by the future of work, globalization, and social inclusion.

Policy Analyst, Chris Wheeler

Chris is a senior Political Science student and student Vice-President at NYU Abu Dhabi. Originally from the UK, he has now studied and worked on five continents, including at the United Nations and Human Rights Watch. He has been involved with a number of initiatives to provide mobile employment and education to Syrian refugees, and was a contributing author on the United Networks report for the UN Secretary General.

10. Assistant Policy Analyst, Tiril Rahn

Tiril majors in political science with a minor in peace studies and public policy and management at New York University Abu Dhabi. She has studied on four continents and worked on issues such as countering violent extremism, refugees, education and peace resolutions.

Assistant Policy Analyst, Katarina Holtzapple

Katarina is a third-year student at NYU Abu Dhabi double majoring in Social Research and Public Policy and Film, with a focus on education. She has worked with local associations in promoting youth entrepreneurship through in-school workshops and presentations in Croatia, developed and implemented language immersion curricula in South Africa and international summer camps, and has volunteered with New York City NGOs supporting students from underfunded schools.

Designer, Dima Boulad

Dima Boulad is a Lebanese designer working in design research and motion graphics. Dima co-found-ed Beirut Green Project, a grassroots movement that was born from the need to raise awareness on the importance of having public green spaces in Beirut. Dima designed the TGLG brand book and the look and feel of the project materials.

How can I get involved?

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