Our ideas

The World Needs Global Learning Goals


We outline the exciting conversation happening in learning, the challenges we face, and how Towards Global Learning Goals is helping.

Kindling the Flame


We claim most people are learning the wrong things in the wrong way, propose Global Learning Goals for all learners, and set out the challenges we face to make them happen.

From Ferment to Fusion


We look further at the obstacles to global learning goals. Using innovations and coalitions, we identify a practical action for each challenge.

Our Tech Manifesto


We send an open letter to tech leaders to stir a ‘learning reawakening’. We set out how tech can solve education problems, rather than just disrupt it.

Universities of the Future


We ask global experts existential questions about the future of the university and starts to propose some answers.

Islands of Opportunity


We highlight countries and international institutions pioneering education of the head, hand and heart, and the lessons they show us.

Letting Learners Lead


University students at campuses across the world ‘hacked’ the curriculum they are being taught – to find out what happens when you put learners in the lead of the learning revolution.

Persuading Parents


A small, international selection of parents told us their honest feelings about changes to their children’s education.

Be Kind, Be Curious, Be Brave


A survival guide to the 21st Century.