Towards Global Learning Goals

Kindling the Flame

Our new report claims most people are learning the wrong things in the wrong way, proposes Global Learning Goals for all learners, and sets out the challenges we face to make them happen.

Download 'Kindling the Flame'Our first report: 'The World Needs Global Learning Goals'

In this report are:

  • 18 Experts: From ministers to journalists to ‘the most popular TED Talker ever’
  • 10 Assertions: “Most people are learning the wrong things, in the wrong way”
  • 9 Global Learning Goals: “To ensure that we preserve the wisdom and knowledge of millennia, while giving learners the skills to thrive, adapt, learn, create, invent, coexist; and the character that will equip them as citizens of everywhere.”
  • 8 Challenges: “At its core, this is a challenge of politics not education.”

What is happening next?

In January 2018 the OECD will launch new ‘global competencies’ to measure values, skills, and attitudes in our young people – not just knowledge. We support this measure and believe that it should be fast-tracked into the PISA system of international student assessment.

If we want global learning goals for all to become a reality, a vital first step is for us all to know how well governments are performing on them. Then learners and citizens can hold them accountable for the necessary changes in our education systems.


Only have two minutes? Read our bite-sized excerpts from the report.

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‘Framework Wars’

How to beat
the robots

You can also download our first report, ‘The World Needs Global Learning Goals’, where we outline the exciting conversation happening in learning, the challenges we face, and how the Towards Global Learning Goals initiative plans to work on it.