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Universities of the Future

In our fifth report, we look at the university of the future.
On the campus of one of the most innovative universities in the world, we gathered experts from higher education, tech, government and the creative arts to ask existential questions about the future of the university and start to propose some answers.

Download 'Universities of the Future'Our first report: 'The World Needs Global Learning Goals'Our second report: 'Kindling the Flame'Our third report: 'From Ferment to Fusion'Our fourth report: 'Our Tech Manifesto'

Universities of the Future

(a report by Towards Global Learning Goals)

“The global education crisis can’t be fixed without a transformation of higher education. The sector faces aggressive disruption unless it can lead reform itself. This requires a new effort between universities, businesses and learners themselves. AI and blockchain make the challenges more urgent, but are also part of the solution. We need to design the university of the future.”

(Photo by Good Free Photos on Unsplash)

You can also download our first report, ‘The World Needs Global Learning Goals’, where we outline the exciting conversation happening in learning, the challenges we face, and how the Towards Global Learning Goals initiative plans to work on it.

Our second report, ‘Kindling the Flame’, claims most people are learning the wrong things in the wrong way, proposes Global Learning Goals for all learners, and sets out the challenges we face to make them happen.

Our third report, ‘From Ferment to Fusion’, looks further at the challenges we set out in ‘Kindling the Flame’. We reflect on innovation and change, and we identify for each challenge a practical, coalition building, action.

Our fourth report, ‘Our Tech Manifesto’, sets out a manifesto for how tech can help genuinely collaborative problem solving rather than just disruption, and Tom Fletcher writes an open letter to tech leaders asking for their help in stirring a ‘learning reawakening’.

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